Helps keep your products from hiring online anti-piracy services

by admin | 9th August 2017

Pirating your favorite TV show, movie, and music has never been easier than it is today. Piracy, sometimes a product of unintentional actions has caused deep caveats in treasury boxes for companies across industries. Software companies would have collected a staggering $652 billion if their customers paid for the use of their software. The introduction of stricter laws across governments has failed to respond to this rise in online piracy.


In 2014 alone, a quarter of the global internet bandwidth was consumed on pirated content, a trend only set to rise. YouTube alone has a huge 33% videos uploaded by fans without permission showing advertisements, and we have all viewed such videos. Online anti-piracy services have helped in some way, but there are miles to cover. Some of the most popular music and movies today are available on torrent sites, which raises a simple question – Why protect your products?


Well, for starters, with the use of anti-piracy services your product can no more be counterfeited in the market, forcing customers who would otherwise pirate your product to buy it.


Microsoft’s Office, for example, holds the mantle for the most pirated software. These downloads, which would have otherwise been paid downloads, have become bleed areas for Microsoft, and they are not alone. Adobe too, with its suite of CC Products, faces stiff competition from the online piracy community.


This knowingly results in increased sales, pushing year end revenues, bonuses, and paychecks higher and higher. Your employees would be happy, your product would see increased sales, and your market is now aware of your brand because of better outreach. It’s a win-win!


Online piracy also led to the rise in product modification. Since your product could be downloaded from any corner of the world, the chances of hackers gaining access to your product and the Intellectual Property in it increases drastically. Your broadened customer base (albeit unintentionally) can now alter the source code and configure your product as per their needs, thus using it for something not intended.


Online brand protection then becomes essential for your product and its intended use.
Protecting your source code would also mean there won’t be any counterfeited products offering what your product does offer, thus maintaining your edge in the market and warding off competitors.


Piracy has also led to the downfall of many companies (Blockbuster), while also contributing to the increased levels of unemployment. With easy options to pirate any product, product developers are demotivated to continue improving the product or even developing a new one.


With anti-piracy services, your product goes into the market with a planned gamut of options. Your product is now earning your company hefty profits, thus leading to continuous employment while also maintaining job security. Your developers can now continue improving the product and provide support to existing customers. Innovation is no more stifled and employee engagement is on the rise. When your employees are appreciated for the hard-work they put in, your company benefits from windfall gains.


In 2016, there were over 191 billion visits to piracy websites, a number big enough to scare even the biggest of companies. Hiring anti-piracy services helps keep your product afloat, giving you royalties even after development. Many websites have come under the radar, but there always seems to be an escape.


The sooner artists and tech giants realize online piracy exposure always carries a negative effect, the better it would be for the internet in totality. Online anti-piracy services have a big role to play here.