Protect your Online Business from Counterfeiting: Emphasize Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions

by admin | 25th September 2017

Counterfeiting is a big global business and a growing menace, if not applied a break, can result in undying damage to not only the consumers but also to the industry and economy as well. The counterfeiters are soaked deep into every industry, making it a necessity for genuine business owners to get their hands on the rigorous anti-counterfeiting solutions. There is a lot to be won or to lose for any business owner; this involves company’s reputation, revenue, image, security, loyalty and also the consumer’s health and safety. Counterfeiting not only affects manufacturers, it rather has an effect on sellers and consumers as well. Well! Let’s see how it affects these three key pillars of a distribution channel.


Manufacturers suffer the most from the counterfeit products. Brand imitations not only harm the financial losses but also tones down the reputation. Any problem the seller or consumer experience by using counterfeit products unswerving affects the brand image and the consumer loyalty.


A good number of products are sold with a specific warranty period so the product can be replaced or repaired at no extra cost if any problem is encountered. As we all know counterfeit goods are nothing more than imitations of the original product; they don’t offer any warranty. Sellers knowingly or unknowingly dealing with counterfeit products on the hop realize their foolery when the consumers reach out to them with warranty claims.


All products are labeled safe only after going through a thorough testing and certification process. Any product that does not conform to the specific standards is not certified. Counterfeit products are not certified since they aren’t tested; and buying such uncertified product, consumers, knowingly or unknowingly, jeopardize not only themselves but also their beloved family. Counterfeit products like toys, perfumes, electrical appliances, etc. have many times found to a cause of serious health issues that sometimes bears out a death.


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Well, there are some useful solutions available to combat counterfeiting. The multi-faceted anti-counterfeiting solutions should be used by both buyers and brand owners in combination with each other. In simple words, one cannot hinge on only one technique.


Exploring Reviews:


There are a lot of solutions available for buyers that purchase items through internet. Firstly, you, being a customer, need to do a good research on the website you wish to purchase items from. A simple Google search often links up to the third party websites rating the reliability of online shopping malls or marketplaces and allows the visitors to leave reviews. Moreover, it is crucially important to filter reliable reviews from numerous fake ones. Mostly, reliable websites will bear flattering and in-depth reviews across multiple websites; on the other side, fake websites often have shorter or one-word reviews and top marks. Watch out! Online marketplaces with fake-reviews often allow notorious sellers buy good reviews. Shouldn’t it be avoided?


Executing a Strong Protection Plan:


Anti-counterfeiting solutions are slightly different for vendors. The solutions should be more aggressive for brand owners; whether big or small. First of all, the vendors should make use of third-party services and monitor the brand name online. This can make them aware of the pending trademark applications for any counterfeit or similar products. Not only this but can also notify the vendors if there are any unauthorized product listing going up on the website.


Ensuring Trademarks:


An additional anti-counterfeiting solution is to ensure that there is appropriate trademark or symbols viewable on the product, on the product page or listing, or on any other material advertising about it. Let’s take an example! Vendors, nowadays, use watermarks on the photographs that advertise their service or product. This way they try to incorporate their name in the manufacturing process.


What measures can protect companies from counterfeiting?


A possible solution to curb counterfeiting is to pull down the demand for fake products, and the manufacturers should find out ways to educate the consumers against counterfeit goods. There should be tips available for online customers to help them differentiate and filter out original products from fakes.


Serial numbers, hologram stickers or labels can also provide brand names the protection and security against counterfeiters. Since holograms aren’t easy to reproduce, it would be the best weapon against counterfeit products. The other side, alphanumeric serial numbers can be good identification tools that can help sellers identify the fakes and filter out the certified original products.


Lastly, anti-counterfeiting strategies are either ineffective or are not used as they should be. Matter of fact, enough time is awarded to the counterfeiters to get away if they are caught. Brand owners should seek advice from property attorneys that are expert in dealing with intellectual property infringement. These attorneys can provide adequate anti-counterfeiting solutions and plans customized as per specific needs. In case if infringement occurs, these expert attorneys can take legal action to reclaim the damages whenever possible.